System of Rank

The System of Rank or Grade is part of TaeKwon-Do’s military history and origins. Our Founder himself was a Lt.General in the Korean Army. 

Grades or Rank is awarded not on absolute physical skill, but on correct Tenets, Experience (ie. time in training) and Relative Ability (ie. Having the necessary skills to progress from the previous Grading Examination). Each rank is symbolised by a belt which the Student must wear at all times.

All new Students start with the rank of 10th Kup or Beginner. After this, they move up the Kup Grades of rank from 10th Kup to 9th Kup etc. upto 1st Kup. After successful completion of their 1st Kup Grading, their next promotion is to to the Rank of 1st Degree Black Belt

  • White (Hayan Ti) = Beginner
  • Yellow (Noran Ti) = Foundation or Earth
  • Green (Nok Ti) = Growth Blue (Ch’ong Ti) = Sky
  • Red (Hong Ti) = Flow of Blood
  • Black (Komun Ti) = Impervious to Darkness 

In addition to this, these five colours represent:

  • The 4 basic elements of the ‘universe’ according to Alchemy were Fire, Earth, Air and Water.
  • The 4 directions of the globe and the centre of the Earth: Black – North / Red – South / Yellow – West / Blue – East.

The full System of Rank is illustrated in the Student Handbook, provided to all Students on joining.