At each Grade, the Student may be asked to perform some of all of the syllabus for all Grades previously – this may form part of the assessment. The Syllabus is based around 5 Key Elements:

  1. Patterns, Fundamental Exercises or Basic Technique
  2. Sparring
  3. Self Defence
  4. Power Test
  5. Theory and Tenets of TaeKwon-Do


In addition to the details below, please also refer to your Student Handbook. For the Black Belt School Syllabus, please Click HERE for the Black Belt School Page. To reiterate, Students should expect to be tested on the syllabus for all grades unto their current grade.

  • To find out what questions you might be asked at your Grading Examination – Click HERE.
  • To see the structure of the System of Rank – Click HERE. 
  • For a full list of Korean words and terms – Click HERE.
  • For information on Stances – Click HERE.
  • For the Patterns Page – Click HERE.


Beginners (10th Kup)

The ‘Fundamental’ Exercise: Saju Jirugi – Click HERE for Details.

Basic Technique: Sitting Stance Forefist Punch


Pattern: First half of Chon-Ji  Tul (Upto the 1st L-Stance Middle Block Technique) – Click HERE for Details.

Basic Technique: Walking Stance Mid Section Obverse Punch


Pattern: Chon-Ji Tul – Click HERE for Details.

Basic Technique:  L-Stance Middle Block with Inner Forearm

8th Kup

Pattern: Dan-Gun Tul – Click HERE for Details.

Basic Techniques:

L Stance Knife Hand Strike

L Stance Knife Hand Guarding Block

L Stance Twin Forarm Block


Pattern: First half of Do-San Tul – Click HERE for Details.

Basic Technique: Walking Stance High Section Strike with Back Fist


Pattern: Do-San Tul – Click HERE for Details.

Basic Technique: Walking Stance Wedging Block

6th Kup

Pattern: Won-Hyo Tul – Click HERE for Details.

Basic Technique:

Walking Stance Circular Block

Bending Ready Stance Forearm Guarding Block


Pattern: First half of Yul-Gok Tul (Upto 1st Elbow Strike) – Click HERE for Details.

Basic Technique: Walking Stance High Section Hooking Block


Pattern: Yul-Gok Tul- Click HERE for Details.

Basic Technique: L Stance Twin Knife Hand Block

4th Kup

Pattern: Joon-Gun Tul – Click HERE for Details.

Basic Technique:  L Stance Middle Reverse Knife Hand Block

3rd Kup

Pattern: Toi-Gye Tul – Click HERE for Details.

Basic Technique: Walking Stance Upset Fingertip Thrust

2nd Kup

Pattern: Haw-Rang Tul – Click HERE for Details.

Basic Technique: High Section Turning Kick

1st Kup

Pattern: Chong-Moo Tul – Click HERE for Details.

Basic Technique: Jumping Revere Turning Kick