Policy Summary

The full version of the NTX TaeKwon-Do Schools Constitution may be viewed by contacting Head Office (Click Here to Contact Us).

NTX Schools Head Office 

All Policy decisions, events, media representation and Meetings are organised under the control of NTX TaeKwon-Do Schools Head Office. Students are responsible to explain their actions inside the Dojang to Head Office. NTX TaeKwon-Do Schools will try whenever reasonably possible to ensure that students can train and continue at no financial loss to themselves.

Training Payments

Students may not train without correct payment of Fees, either at the Start of Class or by Monthly Standing Order. There are no exceptions to this and Students who are not up to date with their payments will be refused entry to the Class.
Please remember that if you take advantage of the discounts on our standing order system, particularly the family package, that you have signed and agreed to our terms and conditions.  Below is a reminder of the procedure should your Students decide to discontinue training:-
By signing our annual membership form, you have agreed to and are required to give 3 months notice, this means that when you give notice the 3  month notice you are still required to pay for the standing order upto the date that your membership expires, enabling venue and club costs to be met.  This notice period applies regardless of the circumstances in which you decide to cancel your membership.  NTX Schools cannot  be held responsible for continued payments. Standing order payments are the account holders sole responsibility. Any payments made in error cannot be refunded under any circumstances so please ensure that your bank cancels the payment.  If a student gives notice but continues to make regular payments then that place will be kept open until the payments stop.
The place to train in TaeKwon-Do at a Class is precious with many of our venues being full to capacity. If you no longer want your place, this will be given to someone else. Some venues now operate on a waiting list system.Our instructors work very hard and often make many personal sacrifices to run all of the classes for your convenience.
Any individual who leaves without notice will still be contacted and fees collected in line with the terms and conditions. It is not acceptable to take advantage of any discounts and unlimited training options and not adhere to the terms.

Training Payment During Holidays

All fees are payable during all holiday times.  Alternative venues will be provided to ensure continued training throughout the holidays.  There may be odd weeks that we cannot access the venue and most primary schools are term time only.  This is why fees are worked out to incorporate odd cancellations and the Christmas shutdown.  Your training fee covers your membership and ensures that your place is held open.  Failure to pay can affect the entire club making it difficult to pay the schools for venue hire and instructor costs. Anyone who defaults simply because they cant or dont wish to train over holidays will be chased for this and will have their membership cancelled.   Please respect your instructor and make your payments on time.

Annual Membership

It is the responsibility of all Students to ensure that their “Annual Membership” subscription is up to date. To train with out of date “Annual Membership” is prohibited and could result in Dismissal from the Class. Renewal fees for this must be paid before the expiry date as indicated on the “Annual Membership Card”.  Please note that your Annual Membership Application clearly states that this is a non-refundable under any circumstances, therefore if you sign this form you agreeing to our terms.  Should you or your child decide to discontinue training, you are not entitled to any refund of remaining membership.
To renew this, the Student must have demonstrated satisfactory progress by means of Regular Training and Attendance at Grading Examinations. Please note that the Instructor will not be permitted to renew “Annual Memberships” for Students that have not trained regualarly or have missed Grading Examinations without extenuating circumstances. In such circumstances, NTX Schools obliges the Instructor to discontinue that Student’s Training at that Class.
Membership of NTX Schools is NOT TRANSFERABLE to any other Martial Arts Class, Gym or Sports Club. NTX Schools is not responsible for Injuries sustained by Students whilst training outside an approved NTX School or whilst not in the presence of an approved NTX Instructor. To Clarify further, Insurance purchases from NTX Schools for the purposes of training in TaeKwon-Do is ONLY VALID whilst training at an NTX TaeKwon-Do School in the presence of an NTX TaeKwon-Do Instructor.

Exam Fees

Grading exam fees are non-refundable.  If a Student is ill or injured then please try to inform us 24 hours before. For any student who cannot attend the exam for unforeseen circumstances/illness we will carry over fees to the next exam.  This also applies to any student who does not pass on the day, the following exam will be offered as a single free re-test.

Instructor Teams

Instructors work in Teams under the supervision of NTX Head Office. The teams are designed to ensure that a range of different teaching styles are utilised for the benefit of the Student. All Instructors within the team must fulfil the Insurance, DBS and Qualification criteria as laid out by NTX Head Office.

International Students

NTX TaeKwon-Do Schools will not enter into negotiation with any individual, association, club, school or any other group of persons for the purpose of obtaining entry visa’s or residency within the United Kingdom. We will not support or sponsor such applications in any way.

Health & Safety

Training should not result in any injury or disablement of any kind. The Health & Safety Act 1974 prohibits training in an environment which could result in this. Classes may be cancelled or moved if Training Halls become unsuitable. It is a potential hazard if participants in any NTX Schools class have recently ingested large quantities of food or liquid or are suffering with a concurrent illness or injury. It is the responsibility of the Student and Legal Guardian if applicable, to inform the Instructor before training at the start of the Class, of any ongoing illness or injury which in any way may be hazardous to the student either before, during or after training, or which may put the student or other students or individuals at risk during training.
NTX Taekwon-Do Schools Students may ONLY perform destruction techniques on Boards under the supervision of 4th Degree Black Belt Grade or higher, at the Black Belt School. We strongly advise Student to NOT participate in this exercise at home.

Equality & Diversity Policy

The aim is to create an environment in which individual differences and the contributions of all our Instructors and Students are recognised, protected and valued.
Instructors and Students are entitled to a working environment that promotes dignity and respect to all. No form of intimidation, bullying or harassment or verbal abuse will be tolerated. We reserve the right to refuse training to any individual(s) who present a risk to themselves, to other students or to our staff.  Duty of care and Safety are our top priority. Training, development and progression opportunities are available to all our Instructors. To promote equality in the Dojang which we believe is good management practice.

Data Protection Policy

Data, especially relating to personal circumstances is sensitive and will not be divulged to any Third Party unless in certain special legal circumstances. Data held electronically is done so in a manner that complies with the Data Protection Act 1984.

Logo and Trademark

The name “NTX TaeKwon-Do Schools” and it’s logo as shown at the top left of this webpage, are trademarked property and may not be reproduced under any circumstances without written permission from NTX Schools Head Office.  

Equipment & Clothing Purchases

Clothing and Equipment purchased from NTX Instructors should be appropriately fitting at the Time of Purchase. Once such items have been accepted, we operate a Returns Policy for 48 Hours after purchase provided such items are unspoilt and are retuned with their original packaging. This does not affect your Statutory Rights. NTX Schools DoBok’s are specially tailored for high quality and durability and can be taken care of by following the below guidelines:
Wash at 40 degrees celcius with white clothing only. Do Not iron diretly onto the embroidery or vinyl patches. Keep clean and dry when not being used for training. Avoid eating or drinking fluids other that water when wearing the DoBok. Wear under an outdoor garment especially in wet weather.

Website Terms & Conditions

There is only one official NTX TaeKwon-Do Schools Website. The Content of our website and these web pages is intended for educational use to further the Study of Martial Arts by the Members of NTX Schools only. The Information within this website and these web pages including the logos (specifically the NTX TaeKwon-Do Schools Logo) remain the property of NTX TaeKwon-Do Schools an may not be downloaded, reproduced, printed, sold, copied, distributed or used in any other way other than for viewing purposes only. The Views and Opinions expressed within this website and these web pages are intended only to assist our Members in their training. NTX Schools is not responsible for any Typographical Errors, Financial Loss, Adverse Event, Misunderstanding or Misrepresentation of any kind made by individuals reading this website and these web pages. To reiterate, the website and these web pages is intended for educational use only and any uncertainty arising from it’s contents must be directed towards the Instructor of your Class. Furthermore, NTX Schools is not responsible for any Financial Loss, Physical or Mental Injury, Loss of Property, Bereavement, Offence or any Adverse Event which may arise by reading the contents of, or by visiting, this website or these web pages. If in doubt, please do not access this website or these web pages. The Images within this website and these web pages remain the property of NTX Schools an may not be downloaded, reproduced, printed, sold, copied, distributed or used in any other way other than for viewing purposes only.


Please feel free to raise any issue concerning TaeKwon-Do with your Instructor. Disputes & Complaints should be directed towards the Individual Instructor. Further resolution may be sought from the Head Office on 07922 185 126. We appreciate all feedback and comments, complimentary or critical, regarding your Training. To register your thoughts, please contact the Administration in confidence via Voicemail on 07922 185 126. Alternatively, please feel free to email us directly and in confidence ntx_leeds@yahoo.co.uk for a prompt response.  We would ask you to be aware of your manner and please be aware of setting a good example to children by approaching your Instructor in a courteous respectful manner and discuss any issues in a calm and mature manner.  There are no circumstances where an Instructor should have to endure sarcasm, nasty or personal attacks whether verbal or physical.  If it is deemed that a parent has been offensive, the instructor has the right to discontinue with their childs training.

“This is not a Sport”

Martial Arts training may not be suitable for everyone. It does not offer the informality of casual training, such as with Soccer, Rugby or Tennis. It trains both the Mental as well as the Physical Aspects of the Individual. If you require a Class to simply “Get Fit” or to train “Now and Again”, then please look elsewhere. Please remember the following points: TaeKwon-Do is a Military Martial Art. It is not intended to be Convenient or Easy and should not be entered into lightly.
Skills must be acquired over time with repetitive training which may be difficult or physically tiring. You will not be at Black Belt standard after a few weeks of training and Perseverance, Dedication and Self Discipline are essential. Furthermore, Our equipment, clothing and training aids are modern and up to date, supplied by some of the best manufacturers available. NTX Schools makes every effort in being one of the best Martial Arts Schools around.

NTX Affiliations

We would welcome co-operation on events and training with other Instructors or groups. Please contact us with any proposals for scheduling of timetables.