New Guidance re: payments

Please note that our offices are currently closed and all instructors are in isolation. We do hope everyone is keeping well. We continue to encourage all students to practice at home and use the link to our youtube videos to practice. We will update this on a regular basis to keep the training varied for you.

NTX Youtube Channel

Following the chancellors announcement today we would ask all parents to cancel their regular standing order payments from 1st April. We will then ask all students who return once our venues re-open to reinstate their standing orders. Please do not forget to do this as we do not have a refund facility.

  • Memberships will now be frozen until the Taekwondo Clubs can re-open so renewals will be extended by the amount of months we are closed. All other terms and conditions will still apply to current memberships.
  • We will not be taking any payments or fees during the Club’s closure.

As previously stated all grading applications will be kept ready for our return. Belts and Certification and administrations have already been purchased and paid I readiness for this event.

Please try not to contact us at the moment as our offices are closed and so we cannot currently reply. You will receive an automated answer which given the volume of students that we have is the best way for us to keep in touch. We will keep in communication with everyone via twitter and here on the website. Please do follow us on twitter to keep updated as news breaks.

Thank you

NTX Schools