Free Sparring

Free Sparring has 2 variants at our Tournaments: Continuous Free Sparring; or Point Sparring. The first follows a set time round with stops only for warnings, fouls or for safety. The second stops after every point is seen by the centre referees and is awarded.

Sample Videos

Collection of scores from different fighters. NTX TaeKwon-Do Schools is not responsible for the content of external websites or any physical harm, injury or other loss that may result from viewing this. We advise parental supervision, care and caution for students under 18 years.

Scoring Target Areas: Front of Body above belt; Front of Head

Scoring Techniques: Kicks with padded part of sparring boot, Punches with padded fore fist or backlist of sparring glove

Illegal Target Areas:  Below Belt; Back of Head; Back of Body; Limbs; Eyes, Ears; Neck; Throat

Illegal Techniques: Sweeps, Holds, Grabs, Attacks to illegal target areas