Official Documents

Official Documents for 2019/20

These documents are intended for NTX TaeKwon-Do Schools Students & Instructors only. Unauthorised viewing, reproduction, printing, copying, or distribution is prohibited. Documents should be completed fully by the Applicant/Legal Guardian, then return to your Instructor with any payment if required. Print on both sides of paper and complete all sections in full as indicated with tidy and legible writing. Omitted or illegible sections of any completed application will be rejected. The Senior Kup Examination is for 2nd & 3rd Kup Students only – all other students and beginners please use the ‘Grading Exam’ application. Equipment Orders are for current years prices only. For Black Belt School Documents >>>click HERE.

>>2020 – Annual Membership Application

>>2020 – Kup Grading Application 

>>2020 – Senior Kup Grading Exam Application 

 The ‘Additional Medical’ form is only to be completed if a Student is requested to do so by Head Office or their Instructor. Please complete and pass to your Instructor in a sealed envelope marked ‘Strictly Confidential’ >>>Click HERE for the Additional Medical Form.

For applications for Destruction Techniques, please speak with your Instructor >>> Click HERE for Destruction Applications.

Official Logos

Logos are intended for Students to use in the Black Belt Thesis.