Class Structure

Following the Military Origins of TaeKwon-Do, the following structure and self-discipline must be adhered to:

  • Bow when entering or leaving the Training Hall (DoJang).
  • At the start of class, line up according to Grade or Rank. The higher grades line up to the front of each column and the right of each row.
  • Bow when addressing other Students (Jeja) or your Instructor (Sabumnim).
  • If arriving late, line up at the back before being told to take up position in class by the Instructor.
  • Your attendance book must be signed and the register completed every lesson.
  • Report illness/injury to your Instructor before training.
  • Training Suits (Doboks) should be clean and ironed.
  • All training equipment should be brought to class.
  • The belt should be turned round before eating or drinking.
  • Students should never tire of learning – Every Lesson is an opportunity not to be passed over
  • It is the responsibility of all Grades to set an example for Beginner Students to aspire to
  • When given an Instruction for a new exercise/command, reply with the short title of the Instructor “Sir” or “Miss”

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