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Blog by Vishal

I am vishal and my instructors are Mrs K and I do Taekwondo for self defence. I have become stronger through training in Taekwondo, I know much more self defence and am more flexible and have better concentration! I would like to do more flying kicks and my goal is to get a 9th Degree Black Belt!

Blog by Liam

I train with Mrs K. I saw the website ages ago and thought that it looked fun. Since doing Taekwondo I am more confident and I can protect myself. Everyone at my club is really friendly and training is fun. I hope to do more sparring in the future and would like to earn a 3rd Degree Black Belt.  I wish more people would join NTX as they won’t be bullied as much and can defend themselves more :)

Blog by Fahd

I started Taekwondo for self discipline but we also have fun. I have learnt lots of self defence. I have made lots of new friends and we sometimes do fun warm up games. One day I hope to be a Black belt senior grade. Taekwondo can make people get together, make friends, have fun and have safer lives

Harris and Akshay aged 5 years. Both said they love kicking and punching and want to do more guarding blocks, they think Leeds is a fun city and love Taekwondo!

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