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Black Belt School 9/9/17

Friday, September 8th, 2017

Just a quick reminder that black belt school takes place tomorrow (sat 9/9) at Moor Allerton 1pm-2pm. Please can you bring the correct fee or cheque payable to NTX Schools.  As the class is just one hour the cost is £4 for individual student or £2.50 per extra sibling.

Sparring equipment and kick shields are needed.


NTX Taekwondo Schools

Back to School Anti-Bullying

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

NTX Schools has always been passionate about helping children and young people to feel more confident and safer in their everyday lives.

Returning to school can be a very exciting time for some but can be a very scary and stressful time for others.  We would like parents to know that we are going to be covering bullying over the next few weeks along with our usual self-defence training to help empower all of students to know that they have a voice and don’t have to put up with bullying behaviour from anyone.

We hope to very soon be collaborating with the Diana Award and will be going on training programmes and creating our own anti bullying ambassadors for the future.

In the meantime there is some great information on the NSPCC website the link is below which some parents may find useful.


NTX Schools

Black Belt School Tournament

Monday, August 14th, 2017

We have provisionally booked Sat December 9th for our dedicated Black Belt School tournament.   This will be open to all black belt school members.  Full details will follow, including venue, time, cost and discipline categories.


NTX Taekwondo Schools

Next Colour Belt Exam

Monday, August 14th, 2017

We hope that all of our students are enjoying the summer holidays.

Behind the scenes instructors have been busy training and planning our next term of events.

We are happy to confirm that our next club grading will be on Saturday Saturday 14th October.  This will give everyone the chance to get back into their training and to prepare before the exam.  Venue and times will follow once they are confirmed.  All yellow belts will need full safety equipment and all yellow tags will need an official NTX dobok, so if you haven’t yet got these then please order them asap in time for the event.

A letter will full details will be handed out in class.


NTX Taekwondo Schools


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