Beginners Page

Welcome to your training in the Korean Military Martial Art of TaeKwon-Do. This is the Art of Self-Defence and was developed in the Korean Army during World War II and the Korean War of the early 1950’s. It was announced to the April 11th 1955 by the Art’s Founder General Choi Hong-Hi. The term ‘TaeKwon-Do’ translates literally as ‘To Smash with the Foot and Hand’. This year, 2019 is the 64th year of Ch’ang-Hon or ‘Blue Cottage‘ TaeKwon-Do.

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The Art takes several elements from other Martial Arts and applies modern scientific and mathematical principles in the Theory of Power – Click HERE for the Page on ‘Theory of Power’.

TaeKwon-Do is based on 24 ‘Patterns’ which are a series of choreographed, pre-arranged attacking and defensive techniques that are performed against an imaginary opponent. To prepare you for the study of Patterns, beginners learn a ‘Fundamental Exercise’ called “Saju Jirugi”. This is similar to a Pattern but is not associated with a ‘History’ or ‘Meaning’. Click HERE for further information on how to perform “SAJU JIRUGI.”

Just like the Military, our Classes have a defined Structure – Click HERE for the details on the ‘Class Structure’The Art of TaeKwon-Do follows a structure or system of Rank – Click HERE for the Page on ‘System of Rank’. Each ‘Rank’ or ‘Grade’ is achieved by taking a Grading Examination – Click HERE for the Syllabus Page. 

Every 3-4 Months, Students take a Grading Examination where they are tested on new and existing skills and knowledge as set out in the Syllabus – Click HERE for the Syllabus and Click HERE for questions that you may be asked at Grading Examinations.

To find out about up-coming Grading Examinations and other Events, Click HERE for the Calendar of Events. Regular Training is the Key to Success – Your Instructor will expect that you train at least once per week. As you progress, the expectation is that you train more frequently and begin to train more at Home in the Days between Classes.

One of the most important techniques that Beginners will learn are Stances. The Stance is crucial to every TaeKwon-Do technique. Click HERE for Information on Stances. After your first few lessons, why not try practising some of your Stances at Home in the Days between Classes?

Before you may train, you need to know why you want to Study TaeKwon-Do and what you want to achieve. You must bring the completed ‘Annual Membership’ Form to your first lesson. Click HERE for the latest version of the ‘Annual Membership’ Form

Please talk to your Instructor about Training Fees and ‘Annual Membership’ Fees. We ask you to pay for your ‘Annual Membership’ by the start of your second lesson at the latest. It is important that you are aware of the renewal date of your Annual Membership – Please check this with your Instructor. We do not normally refund fees. We ask that all Students/Parents are aware of the financial costs of training before they join, which include:

  • Annual Membership renewable every year
  • Monthly Training Fees
  • Training Suit (Not Required for Beginners – Please speak to your Instructor)
  • Sparring Equipment (Not Required for Beginners – Please speak to your Instructor)
  • Any Tournament/Seminar Fees
  • Later on, Black Belt School Membership & Further Training Equipment 


Keep a regular check on the Page for your TaeKwon-Do School – Click HERE for the Homepage that can direct you to the Page for your School.

Lastly, if you have any questions, please speak to our Head Office – Click HERE for contact details. Enjoy your Training in TaeKwon-Do.