For Class Times

Be willing to go where the going may be tough…” . We should therefore not yield in the acquisition of both skill and knowledge.

Students should make the most of the opportunity and privilege of learning TaeKwon-Do. The TaeKwon-Do belt is wrapped around the Dobok only once, to remind us that we have one life and therefore only one opportunity to learn – Click HERE for the Class Timetable.

“Am I ready to grade?…” is a frequent question – Click HERE for Instructors advice on this.


For Students

Learning resources for all Students are available here. Click the links for the Syllabus HERE as well as TaeKwon-Do Patterns HERE.

There is Information on Grading Examinations and Free Sparring as well as Fixed SparringThere is a list of Korean Terminology available as well as information on Theory of Power and Philosophy.

For Official Documents, Click HERE. Need to know what class times are? – Click HERE.


For Beginners

Welcome to your training in the Korean Military Martial Art of TaeKwon-Do. Following the Military Origins of TaeKwon-Do, the following structure and self-discipline must be adhered to – Click HERE for details on Class Structure.

Our dedicated Beginners Page can be found HERE and our Official Documents HERE.

Everyone of our Black Belts and Instructors was, at one point in time, in the same position as you – a Beginner. We must all remember this as we achieve grades through the System of Rank. Humility is cornerstone tenet of the Philosophy of TaeKwon-Do


For Headteachers

This area is for prospective Headteachers to see what benefits training in TaeKwonDo can provide – Click HERE for more details.

Please read our Testimonials page – Click HERE. To understand the guiding principles behind how we teach TaeKwon-Do, please click HERE for details on the philosophy of TaeKwon-Do.



For Black Belts

Being a Black Belt is a privilege and a Great Responsibility. The Black Belt Student is an ambassador for the Martial Art of TaeKwon-Do and must carry the ideas and training of General Choi Hong-Hi. The new Beginner Student will soon become the next generation of Black Belts. Click HERE for the Black Belt School Page.



For Instructors

Our Black Belt Instructors are DBS cleared and Insured as well as training to a High Standard through Black Belt School and Instructor training. All Instructors have progressed through the System of Rank – Instructors can Click HERE for the Instructors & Referees page.