Grading Reminder

We hope everyone is keeping well. Just a quick reminder that today is the final day to submit your grading application online. This is an extended deadline so we are now unable to offer any further extensions. We are now very limited in how much we can respond to queries so please try to keep […]

Massive Thank you

Thank you very much to all the families for sending in your grading applications. Some students have even created you tube channels and uploaded their own self defence and pattern videos which shows great spirit and dedication. We are really proud of those who have made such a massive effort so well done. Grading applications […]

Grading Information

Dear Parents/Students, We hope that everyone is staying safe and well. This notice is to inform you that over the next couple of days we will be contacting all students booked in for the recent postponed grading and advising how we will be conducting the exam during lockdown. Please keep an eye out for the […]

New Guidance re: payments

Please note that our offices are currently closed and all instructors are in isolation. We do hope everyone is keeping well. We continue to encourage all students to practice at home and use the link to our youtube videos to practice. We will update this on a regular basis to keep the training varied for […]

Joe Wicks Daily P~E

Why not join in everyday with the new Joe Wicks PE for kids, specially designed for the very young upto to adults. We will be joining in live everyday to keep up our own fitness and flexibility. This 30 min workout, consists of 30 second exercises, 30 second rest x 10 exercises and is perfect […]